The Pod team prides ourselves on being where you need us when you need us. Our doors are open from 9:00 to 5:30, but we also spend as much time as possible with our clients wherever they need us to be. We understand the need for non-standard hours and do our very best to accommodate you.

Feel free to call or email us anytime to set-up an initial consultation, schedule an afternoon brainstorming session, or request on-going support for all your marketing needs.

Physical Address

124 Marriott Drive (Park Centre building -- corner of Park and Magnolia)



Call The Pod @ (844) 457-7655

Extension 700 - Samantha Strickland


Extension 701 - Nick Chiamardas


Extension 702 - Kristin Petersen


Extension 704 - Lori Finn


Extension 705 - Melissa Lidsky


Extension 706 - Jeremy Lawrence


Jon Mason


Extension 0 - Receptionist

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Contact The Pod

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