10 key features any new credit union website must include

10 key features any new credit union website must include

Article from: CU Insight 

Recently we’ve had a number of clients ask us to help them scope and assess potential vendors for their full website redesigns. In the process we’ve come up with a list of a few must haves for any new credit union or bank website.

Here are the top 10 items any new Credit Union or Bank website MUST include:

1. An Easy to Navigate Content Management System

Now this might sound like just basic stuff, but some vendors out there have their own proprietary CMS platforms and we recommend you go with a content management system that is more universal and user friendly. Even some themes in WordPress aren’t terribly intuitive anymore.

We suggest getting a demo from the prospective web designer, and ask them to show you how easy (or hard) it is to do some of the most regular edits you will need to make. Your internal team should be able to:

– update banners,
– change body and header text,
– embed a form
– and create new landing pages, all without a ton of effort.

2. Ability to Integrate with Email & Automation

We see lots of gorgeous new websites out there, but many of them still lack personalization and email integration. So again, they are just more fancy, modern, digital brochures for your financial institution. But these sites are impossible to monetize!

Your new website should have the ability to move a user from digital behavior that might indicate an interest in a product, further down their buying journey. So, take the example of an auto loan. If someone comes to visit your auto loan product page, you should be able to remarket to this person via digital or social media ads. If you already have their contact information you should be able to send an email to the prospect that follows up on their interest.

And the next time the same user comes back to your website or mobile app the content should adjust to a blog or another offer related to their specific product or service interest, in this example, an auto loan banner or link of some kind.



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