4 steps for a solid retail experience

4 steps for a solid retail experience

Article from: CUNA

Members don’t want service, they want an experience, says Bryn Conway, principal at BC Consulting and a former credit union marketer.

Service, she says, is transactional and reactive—and often involves complaints, she says.

“Service is about reacting to members’ ask, while an experience is engaged, proactive, personal, and memorable,” Conway says.

It also provides value. Customers who have a great experience are nine times more likely to recommend a company, eight times more likely to trust it, and seven times more likely to forgive a misstep, she says.

Conway outlines four ways to deliver a solid retail delivery experience:

1. Change your point of view

Look at your credit union through the member’s eyes.

“Too often we think about what we need to get done—our processes and procedures,” Conway says. “We don’t often see what it feels like to become a member, get a loan, and see how the community views your credit union. Make it about them, not you.”



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