7 Keys To Unlock Killer Content in Financial Marketing

7 Keys To Unlock Killer Content in Financial Marketing

Article from: The Financial Brand

From tweets and Instagram Stories to white papers, successfully leveraging content is a skill every financial marketer must master. First you need to know your audience — what content they need and how they want it delivered. Most importantly, always remember it is truly all about them.

Creating fresh, relevant content isn’t easy — especially for banks and credit unions. Many marketers fall back on what they know best and create “banking content” that’s focused solely on their organization’s brand or its specific products. And usually, that content is ignored.

No matter what your marketing goal, you have to remember your audience only wants to spend time on what interests them… and that isn’t their banking provider.

So, if you’re building a content strategy or just trying to create more engaging content, start by learning everything you can about the people you’re trying to reach. Here are some tips that will help you get better acquainted.

1. Start Following Influencers

For most brands, finding influencers is just a Google search away: “The top 10 funniest, must-follow influencers for makeup tutorials.”

If only it were that easy for financial brands. But that doesn’t mean they’re impossible to find.



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