Can Financial Marketers Hit The Millennial Moving Target?

Can Financial Marketers Hit The Millennial Moving Target?

Article from: The Financial Brand

Financial marketers are learning a tough lesson: Millennials aren't one homogeneous audience. This generation of consumers has multiple subsets and niche segments with subtle but importance nuances. And as they age, Millennials' attitudes, preferences, behaviors and usage patterns are morphing. This makes them the most challenging target financial marketers have ever faced.

Just as banks and credit unions feel like they are starting to wrap their heads around the Millennial market, new research comes along suggesting their financial attitudes involve more nuances, complexities and sometimes contradictions than previously believed. Many financial marketers are left wondering how they can keep up.

It’s clear that Millennials aren’t a stagnant, immutable group. As they grow older and life stages change, researchers are uncovering a broad range of new influences that define Millennials and their expectations for banking.



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