Celebrating Inclusion Across Credit Unions

Celebrating Inclusion Across Credit Unions

Article from: CU Today

n a daily basis, the workforce in this country is becoming more diverse. As diversity introduces greater gender, ethnicity, culture and religious differences to the workplace, employers need to be attuned to the changing needs and attitudes. 

In 2018, it is not unusual for the employees to be more vocal about their experiences. As the labor market continues to tighten, employers should take the opportunity to focus on and invest in improving the employee experience. 

According to a Gallup article, "The Secret to Higher Performance" by Jim Asplund and Nikki Blacksmith, here is what motivates some employees: “To be engaged, you need to identify with the mission and purpose of your company. You're great at some things and won't ever be very good at others. If you have the materials and equipment you need to do your job right, you'll care more about the fate of your organization. You are naturally inclined toward success at some things, and by adding skills, knowledge and practice, you'll be much better at them.”

Seems simple enough. Credit unions have an advantage in this area given their foundation in the cooperative principles on which credit unions were founded. Historically, credit unions have sought to balance their business and social roles in the rapidly changing communities they serve. But with an increasingly diverse workforce, finding ways for ALL employees to feel valued and connected to a credit union’s mission and purpose becomes a real challenge. 

What Credit Unions Can Do

What can credit unions and their leaders do to create a workplace where diverse employees can all come together to deliver an unforgettable member experience?’



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