Getting more out of your marketing

Getting more out of your marketing

Article from: Credit Union Journal

While some in credit union management might view dollars spent on marketing as a negative, Amanda Thomas believes quite the opposite.

“Marketing aligns your entire organization. If done successfully, it can have a larger ROI than many other things the credit union does,” said Thomas, who worked in marketing and business development for two different credit unions before founding a marketing firm in 2014. She is president of TwoScore, which helps credit unions with $100 million or less in assets reach their strategic goals through marketing. Thomas spoke during the recent CU Leadership Conference in Las vegas

The process begins, she said, with good, old-fashioned planning.

“When it comes to marketing, the pre-planning work is just as important as everything else,” she offered. “Many credit unions have one-person marketing departments. However, everyone from tellers to board members to collectors are marketers, so they all need to be involved in the marketing plan.”