Happier Hours For Happier Members

Happier Hours For Happier Members

Article from: CreditUnions.com

For Pioneer Federal Credit Union ($449.5M, Mountain Home, ID) serving members how they want to be served is something to celebrate.

The credit union introduced interactive teller machines in 2015 and now operates them at each of its drive-up windows and in the lobby of one branch location. The ITMs are one part of an ongoing effort for the credit union to promote member service that goes “above and beyond,” says Elizabeth Thomas, vice president of marketing and development at Pioneer.

Another aspect is Pioneer’s stand-alone myPioneer Personal Assistant app. The app, which the credit union launched in January of 2018, allows members to have real-time, face-to-face conversations with a live credit union employee who can process any request short of one involving cash. Pioneer anticipated usage to skew heavily toward its millennial members, those most accustomed to remote, mobile conversations.



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