How To Hug Your Haters

How To Hug Your Haters

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We all know haters. People who are annoyed, disappointed, or downright angry; they trash your business, your services, and sometimes even your employees. Today, haters seem to be far more plentiful and way louder than ever before — thanks to social media and online review sites.

But this is all goodnews. That’s because haters present insights and inspiration to improve your brand, and listening to their feedback offers an opportunity to grow and thrive. After all, customer service is the new marketing, says Jay Baer, author of Hug Your Haters.

What Is Hug Your Haters?

According to Forrester Research, “80% of businesses believe they deliver ‘superior customer service,’ while just 8% of customers agree that service is superior."

Baer uses this stat in his book to underscore the fact that haters are not your problem — ignoring them is. He wants readers to completely understand why customer complaints are so important and howto use those complaints advantageously.



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