The 3 Key Drivers Of Loyalty

The 3 Key Drivers Of Loyalty

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Almost every day, you read about a new, “best” measure to use in order to understand our members’ attitudes and sentiment towards their credit union. You may have heard of some of these: Satisfaction, Net Promoter, Customer Effort, Wallet Share, and Engagement.

After working with more than 100 leading credit unions over the past nine years to help measure their Member Experience, we can confidently say, “It is not about the score.” It is instead about what strategies and actions are put in place to differentiate your credit union and to build relationships with members.

The various Member Experience measures are simply tools to assist you in doing this. They each provide different information, and selecting a few critical measurements that work in concert can be the most effective approach.

After collecting feedback from more than 3 million members, we’ve gained some insights about measuring Member Experience:



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