The Member Experience Runs Deep In Credit Union Land

The Member Experience Runs Deep In Credit Union Land

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This week, profiles a credit union running a three-person member advocacy team, another that is using predictive analytics across the entire enterprise, and a third that reimagined its online loan application experience.

Here are five can't-miss data points:     

  • It’s hard to walk down the halls of a credit union sales and marketing department without overhearing words like “member experience,” “member centricity,” and “member advocacy.” These concepts are baked into nearly every credit union’s brand message and reach into every part of the organization. But putting that message into practice can be challenging. That's why Georgia’s Own Credit Union has created a three-person team dedicated to member advocacy, which works across all departments to ensure the member experience is always considered.
  • Data analytics at Financial Center First Credit Union requires answering two challenges from its CEO: first, tell him what he doesn't know. Second, tell him where the credit union needs to play next. See how FCFCU views data and predictive analytics, and how it uses them across the enterprise.