Trends Reshaping Financial Marketing Departments Today

Trends Reshaping Financial Marketing Departments Today

Article from: The Financial Brand

Research reveals that today's financial marketer must fight on multiple fronts while competing internally for dollars. For instance, if you fail to sell yourself and and prove marketing ROI to the C-suite, you won't get the funding you need. Here's how marketing jobs in the banking sector are evolving, and what it takes to succeed as the financial industry continues its digital transformation.

Back in the dark ages of financial marketing, “selling” was still a dirty word and a “data analyst” position would have been considered a strictly IT job.

How things have changed. Now one in ten marketing departments include a data analyst position, according to Codigo’s report, Anatomy of the Marketing Department.

Codigo’s study looks at financial marketers’ top challenges, skillset priorities, hiring and employment trends, place in the food chain, and a sense of marketing department spending and structure in banks and credit unions.



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