What members really want with your credit union

What members really want with your credit union

Article from: CU Insight

Facebook…it’s a wonderful thing.  It allows us to connect with others in deeper ways. It can be daunting at times too.  However, today it was a research tool. I recently took to Facebook to ask my friends “What’s the One Thing you wish your Credit Union did for you?”  

Oh…the answers!

Let’s start with Nancy.  She said “Clean My House”  Say What? Nancy was going with the sarcasm answer. But so often we know that where there is smoke, there is fire.  I ask this question…without any sarcasm. Can your clean your members house? You might think “No Way”. Or perhaps you could flip that approach and think…sure…how could we pull that off?  Would that be just a simple one time cleaning? Who would do it? So many questions here. I would propose that Nancy isn’t the only member that would love to have her house cleaned. To which I offer, what if you had a cleaning service as a member, and you hired them, once a month to clean another members home.  Certainly some folks would find issues with this setup…oh the liability. But you really can find a way to make this work.



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