FL Dept. of Transportation CU rebrands as CONNECT Credit Union

FL Dept. of Transportation CU rebrands as CONNECT Credit Union


Florida Department of Transportation Credit Union rebrands as CONNECT Credit Union

Ft. Lauderdale, FL -- South Florida credit union CEO Scott Meyer officially announced the rebranding of his credit union, Florida Department of Transportation Credit Union, to CONNECT Credit Union earlier this month. With an expanded membership to anyone living or working in Martin County, the new identity pays homage to the past with an eye on the future.

“We are so proud of our legacy with DOT employees, and we did not take the decision to rename ourselves lightly,” Meyer explained. “However, our Board and management determined that by broadening our brand identity we would be able to ‘connect’ with more families and improve more lives.”

Over the past few years, the DOT workforce has dropped from over 10,000 down to around 7,000. To ensure a long term future, the credit union’s leadership decided to expand their membership and rebrand.  After the initial vote to change the credit union’s name in 2012, the credit union spent the next 12 months working with their branding partner, The Pod Advertising, to finalize a complete overhaul of their logo, tagline, materials, branch merchandising, website, apparel, ATMs, signage, and more. 

Connect CU worked directly with Brian Ramos, CMO of The Pod, from early discussions about a name change to the final execution of the brand switchover. Ramos consulted with the Board and management throughout the process to ensure the new brand reflected the evolution of the credit union’s identity but stayed true to their roots. In January 2013, the credit union approved a 3-year strategic plan, including a launch date for their new brand of October 1, 2013.

“Brian’s enthusiasm and passion for credit union branding comes through every step of the way,” Meyer explained. “He pushed us to develop a new identity that honors our past, present, and future.”

The name “Connect” references the credit union’s transportation heritage while demonstrating their goal to build strong relationships with current and potential members. The tag line, “Together, on this road called life," embodies this dual meaning, as well. The logo incorporates the credit union’s name in the shape of a vehicle to create a sense of movement, and even the bright color scheme plays off the color palette of road signs and lights.

“Connect’s transportation background works perfectly as a metaphor for the human experience, for life’s journey,” Ramos said. “For us, the branding roadmap was pretty clear from the beginning; we just blazed a few new trails along the way to get us to our final destination.” 


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Formerly Florida Transportation Credit Union, Connect Credit Union has made its mark in credit union history having served Florida’s transportation industry for the past fifty years. Originally serving just the employees of State Road District Number Four, the credit union's field of membership now encompasses all employees of the State of Florida, retirees of the Florida Department of Transportation, employees of firms who have a current contract with the Florida Department of Transportation, individuals who live or work in Martin or St Lucie County, employees of the credit union and members of the immediate families of current members of the credit union.

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