Florida Animation Festival Announces 2017 Best In Show, Audience Favorite Winners

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Florida Animation Festival Announces 2017 Best In Show, Audience Favorite Winners


Florida Animation Festival Announces 2017 Best In Show, Audience Favorite Winners

July 24, 2017

Tallahassee, FL— 

The Florida Animation Festival (FAF) today announced the 2017 Juried Selection Award Winners. The festival, which is the only of its kind in the Northeast Florida region, celebrates the art of animation in all its forms and was held in Tallahassee on June 15-18, 2017.

This year, the festival received more than 300 submissions from around the world. Of those submissions, 14 were selected to screen at All Saints Cinema on Sunday, June 18 to a sold-out theater. A total of 35 films entered into the Juried Selections, and the panel of judges scored those films based on Story/Content, Visual Aesthetic, Editing and Sound. The winning films will be screened on Thursday, Sept. 7 at All Saints Cinema located at 918 Railroad Avenue.

1st place: Undiscovered / Sara Litzenberger / USA / 2D animation
2nd place: Tale of a Seed / Yawen Zheng / USA / Frame by Frame/Traditional
3rd place: Little Thing / Or Kantor / Israel / 3D animation

1st place: Little Thing / Or Kantor / Israel
Honorable Mention: Icky / Parastoo Cardgar / Iran
Honorable Mention: The Moon is Essentially Gray / Hannah Roman / USA

1st place: Undiscovered / Sara Litzenberger / USA
Honorable Mention: Meema / Sammi Arman / USA
Honorable Mention: Flipped Out / Jae Bae / USA

1st place: Tale of a Seed / Yawen Zheng / USA
Honorable Mention: Big Finds a Trumpet / Dan Castro / United Kingdom
Honorable Mention: Out of the Box / Marcel Saleta / USA
Honorable Mention: Road Kill / Pyoung-won Seo / South Korea

1st place: The Rope / Liran Kapel / Norway
Honorable Mention: Cigare / Tom Tassel / Canada
Honorable Mention: Shades of Gray / Alexandra Averyanova / Russian Federation

1st place: LOONEY FOODZ! / Paolo Gaudio / Italy
Honorable Mention: The Realm of Deepest Knowledge / SeungHee Kim / South Korea
Honorable Mention: Death and Exposure / Sahanshil Dangol / United Kingdom

First place: Icky / Parastoo Cardgar / Iran
2nd Place: Little Thing / Or Kantor / Israel
3rd Place: The Moon is Essentially Gray / Hannah Roman / USA

Those who attended and participated in the Florida Animation Festival can attest to the need for passionate, thriving groups of creatives to bring the featured films to life. It took a similar group to offer insightful evaluations of those films, and the FAF thanks the following professionals who served on the judges’ panel:

Chris Faupel of Tallahassee, FL, is the Tallahassee Film Festival board president and creative director. He has served in these positions since 2013.
Matt Maple of Tallahassee, FL, brought his extensive experience as a post-production artist to the panel this year. He has served as art director in the area since 2014 following various high
profile roles in digital production.
Angie Jones of Los Angeles, CA, uses her decades of experience to educate students at the John C. Hench Division of Animation & Digital Arts, School of Cinematic Arts, at USC.
James Parris of Los Angeles, CA, experienced eye to the judge’s panel based on directorial roles at Nickelodeon Animation Studios and Paper Tiger Films.
Keith Osborn of Tallahassee, FL, specializes in character animation with a passion for digital animation and for passing along his knowledge.

To view the complete list of juried and screened selections, and learn more about the festival, visit: www.floridaanimationfestival.com.

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Florida Animation Festival
The Florida Animation Festival is a four-day film festival launched in 2016 by The Tallahassee Film Society in partnership with Wells Fargo and The Pod Advertising to showcase amazing animated films and spotlight regional and global animation talent.