Casey Friel

Graphic Designer

Young Pea-dawan

Casey lived in Jacksonville, FL the majority of her life and moved to Tallahassee in 2015 to study Fine Arts and Advertising at Florida State University. She has a passion for traveling, and when she's not working Casey enjoys kayaking, hiking, making ceramics, screen-printing, and watching movies.

Graphic design intern Casey Friel
Quote: “A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there.” - John Assaraf

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Education: Currently double majoring in Fine Arts and Advertising at Florida State University (Graduating Spring 2019).

Favorite Job Title: Professional Dog Petter

Weird Factoid: I am a collector of cacti.

Someone You Admire and Why: My parents because they have given me two of the best things you could ever have: life and love. They have taught me the value of hard-work and dedication all while being my biggest cheerleaders.

(844) 457-7655