Nick Chiamardas

Chief Experience Officer

Master Pea 

Nick came to The Pod in October of 2017 after nearly 10 years with First Commerce Credit Union where he was initially hired by The Podmother, Samantha Strickland. I guess you could say she was his POD-dy Trainer. 

He has a passion for helping good people tell great stories. His background includes marketing communications and strategy, process improvement, product development, digital platform management, and puns. 

An avid sports fan, foodie, and overall good-time haver. When he's not being Pod-itically correct, you can often find Nick rooting on his favorite teams, creating culinary concoctions, or happily working in the yard. 

FAVORITE QUOTE: Stay far from timid, only make moves when your heart is in it, and live the phrase "Sky's the limit".  -Notorious B.I.G.

Hometown: Erie, PA

Education: Florida State University, Integrated Marketing Communications | M.S. 2008; Sports Management | B.S. 2006

Favorite Job Title: Grillmaster 

Weird Factoid: I'm a total Swiftie. 

Someone You Admire and Why: My grandfather, Papa Joe. The man taught me the value of hard work. From small business owner to butcher and all the jobs in between he never once complained about the long hours or the physical demands. He also accidentally gave me my first marketing lesson when he brought home a cardboard cutout of my favorite athlete at the time, Jerry Rice, with a personalized message just for me. "Dear Nick, Be a leader, not a follower. -Jerry Rice", it said. I knew it wasn't really from Jerry Rice but my grandfather had just figured out how to reach me in the best possible way, at the best possible time to disrupt and engage. Thank you, Grandpa!

(844) 457-7655, ext. 701