Samantha Strickland


The Podmother

To know Sam is to hear Sam.

She’s a natural cheerleader with a built-in megaphone – which is great for telling the world about your brand!

She served as Vice President of Growth and Brand Management for First Commerce Credit Union for over 12 years and holds an extra special passion in her heart for the “good guys of banking.”

Sam holds bachelors and masters degrees from FSU’s School of Communications and has won over a dozen national financial industry marketing awards, including the All Florida Golden Image Award for FCCU’s weLiveFIT! Challenge campaign.

She has been featured in 850 Magazine, Tallahassee Woman Magazine, and Tallahassee Magazine and is heavily involved with FSU’s College of Motion Picture Arts.

With all the communications channels we have at our fingertips today, Sam doesn’t have to be the loudest one in the room to get heard. But trust us, her message comes through loud and clear. Wouldn’t you like her team cheering for your team?

Sam in the news...

Sam Strickland, CEO
FAVORITE QUOTE: “EARTH without ART is just Eh"

Hometown: Chipley, Florida

Education: Florida State University, Communications | M.S. 1999, B.S. 1996

Favorite Job Title: Momtrepreneur

Weird Factoid: Served as Miss USA regional pageant producer from 2003-2005.

Someone You Admire and Why: Frank Patterson, Dean of FSU College of Motion Picture Arts, brings a unique blend of art and science to every project he tackles.  He's a visionary leader who sees possibilities rather than problems.  He inspires me to find beauty in business.

(844) 457-7655, ext. 700