Wes Strickland

Co-Owner/General Counsel

The Podfather


Don't be too scandalized, but Wes Strickland is sleeping with the boss. (They also happen to be married with two kids, so clearly owning an agency isn't their only partnership.) 

With nearly two decades of experience in corporate law and a creative writing background, Wes provides a unique balance of business acumen and quick-witted, country music-quality puns. Plus, all those years of reading legal documents has made him the world's best proofer. His eagle eye won't let a comma outside the quotation marks or a "your instead of you're" go unnoticed. 

A member of The Florida Bar, Wes is an honors graduate of Florida State University College of Law and Florida State University.

Hometown: Marianna, Florida

Education: Florida State University College of Law | J.D. 1998, B.S. English/Writing 1996

Weird Factoid: Grew up on a hog farm -- has literally been neck deep in pig poop


(844) 457-7655