Peater in the grass

The Pod offers a new approach to the traditional advertising agency. We work as an efficient unit, so you get the ultimate return on your investment. No more nickel and diming you for each person working on your account; you’re hiring a Remote CMO who happens to have an entire marketing and communications team at her disposal. No matter what your company’s size, you’ll enjoy the benefits of executive-level strategic thinking with a dose of childlike enthusiasm.

Here’s a quick overview of our services:

  • Remote CMO 
    Your Remote CMO is your on-call executive. Working with your goals in mind, the Remote CMO leads the creative team, while interfacing directly with you or your designated point person within your organization. The Remote CMO delivers results.  Engaging the Remote CMO means you also receive all the services below, but each of these services can also be packaged separately single project work.
  • Branding 
    We build marketing plans with purpose.  Our goal is not to deplete your marketing budget: We’re here to grow your business and your bottom line.  Together, we’ll create a road map to success, and we’ll celebrate the milestones along the way with you.  We utilize the innovative DIVE process to build a brand around your cultural identity and unique story.
  • Video Production 
    In 1941, wrist watch company Bulova aired the first-ever TV commercial. It cost $9 and was 10 seconds long. In 2006, a video of an angry cat got over 54 million views.  Our trained filmmakers can deliver either of those projects — and everything in between. It WILL cost more than $9 … unless we really like your cat. If you'd like to know more, click the link at the bottom of this page!
  • Graphic Design 
    Our graphic design team will turn the “ordinary” into “extraordinary.” A strong brand identity combines art and science. You don’t want your campaigns to simply look pretty: You need them to persuade your market to react. Our expert team understands what drives consumers to respond.
  • Creative Copywriting 
    Compelling call to action in 140 characters? Nailed it. Tagline so good you’ll want it engraved on your tombstone? Done. Titillating website copy that makes your remote data storage backup systems with SSL-encrypted server thingies just FLY off the shelves? We’ll do what we can. Our writers have worked for Hollywood studios! TV shows! Radio stations! Restaurants! Starbucks! (As baristas, not copywriters.) Word.
  • Digital Marketing & Automation 
    Close the loop and track true ROI. The shotgun approach of traditional media may still be necessary at times. However, advancements in technology have allowed marketers to do what we do best... get creative. Digital marketing and automation campaigns keep your business top-of-mind as consumers go about their normal online routines. Our approach ensures you reach the right audience when and where you want to reach them. Then once they visit your website, we'll help you create campaigns to move and track their progress through your sales funnel. Quantify and measure everything from impressions to clicks to sales. 
  • Social Media Management 
    Content is king … and queen — and everything in between. We can help you identify the right social media channels for your message, craft compelling content, build successful promotions and distribute content in the way that will build and engage your audience and build your business. Our content marketing plans have a proven track record and allow our clients complete control of their message while removing the burden of facilitating that message. (We do all the work.)
  • Website Development 
    We tried to let our adorable nerds write this part, but we couldn’t understand. They make GREAT websites. They make websites so smart and so simply designed that even our copywriters can update them. (Hey! We resent that! – Copywriters.) We will build a site that not only meets your needs, but allows you to update it yourself, improve it along the way, and evolve and/or grow over time. It will align with your brand identity and provide full-functionality to grow your business.
  • Product Development
    We have a good record of some creative financial products credit unions have been able to offer their members.  But that's not all we do! Lets brainstorm together: how can you differentiate with some Blooming Creative?
  • Crisis Communications - Training and Response 
    No one is immune from a crisis, whether internal or external. We know that having a crisis communications plan in place can greatly enhance a company's response when a crisis does occur. We can help clients prepare for a crisis by creating a crisis communications plan and conducting scenario-based training sessions to practice the response. This may include message development, media training and other communications services. We can also help a client respond when a crisis does happen by providing strategic counsel, internal and external audience messaging, spokesperson services and media relations. 
  • Public Relations 
    Public relations is exactly what the name implies - building relationships with members of the public. We can help you figure out which target audiences are important to your company and how to build those relationships. This may include special event coordination, message development, media relations, speechwriting, copywriting, grassroots outreach and other efforts to make the right impact. Let us create a customized plan for you today!
  • Media Relations 
    The media landscape changes on a daily basis, and sometimes it's hard to figure out who to talk to about what story. Good media relations are important so that your communities and your audiences can read or hear about your good news when it happens. We can take your stories and get them to the right people in the media, improving your chance for important coverage. Let us put our years of experience with the media to work for your company or organization!

Find out more about our video production services,  check out samples of all our services in our Portfolio, or get in touch directly with us so we can get Blooming Creative together!