Apple Makes Emotional Connection with HomePod

Apple Makes Emotional Connection with HomePod

Apple’s newest product, the HomePod released a compelling four-minute short film called “Welcome Home.” We live in a world where the average viewer either skips advertisements when given the option, or cares for nothing longer than something short of a minute. However, in  Apple’s newest ad they were able to keep the viewer hooked from the moment the ad began. So, how did they do it? We have outlined what makes this ad so intriguing, not only from a marketer’s perspective, but to a customer as well.

For starters, the beginning of the ad shows a woman going through the motions of a long commute routine, which already more than half the audience can relate to. When creating an ad, target audience is key. But above all, Apple convinces the viewer not just to relate to the ad, but to imagine themselves in that very moment. By doing so they have established an emotional connection with the viewer regarding the product.

The pivot point in this ad is when the woman asks, “Hey Siri, play something I like.” In a day and age where most consumers are so petrified by the collection of their own data, Apple beautifully showed that through collecting data such as past playlists the user has listened to, and even the time periods she listens to them, the Home Pod device was able to perfectly craft a song that could transport the person from an exhausting daily work routine to a portal of visual excitement and high-intensity energy filling the whole room.

It should be noted that a large part of what makes this advertisement successful is the director, Spike Jonze.  Jonze has a knack for creating and recreating tangible experiences in his videos. You feel like you are right there with his characters, living their moments, virtually participating in their world. And perhaps what is most surreal about the surreal nature of his work, is how much of it is in his head-- choreography, set design, pacing, everything… He communicates to his team exactly what he sees and wants, and from there they can realize his art and communicate back to his viewers what’s going on in his head. It’s quite an impressive cycle!

Storytelling has become not only one of the most important ways to keep your audience intrigued, but one of the best and most effective. From the second this advertisement begins, to the end shot of the woman laying back on her couch with subtle raindrops falling in the background, the audience is immersed in a magical, detail-oriented story that makes you say, “wow, if a product can do THAT, I WANT it.”