Credit Unions and Digital Video: A Budding Relationship

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Credit Unions and Digital Video: A Budding Relationship

Advertising in 2016 could be summed up with one word: “clutter.” Social media and digital marketing are long past infancy, through the awkward adolescent stage, and have arrived at full-fledged maturity. This means that even the most laggard of marketers, while probably still extolling the virtues of direct mailers, are beginning to flex their fingers at the keyboard, and see what this “social media thing” is all about. This creates a clutter of folks seeking consumer attention, blending together into an easily ignorable chatterbox. This occurred once before in television advertising, and resulted in a greater reliance on storytelling in advertising to rise above all the sales pitches. The white knight in 2016, sent to elevate digital campaigns into the great beyond? Video, of course.

If you remotely follow any marketing publications, you’ve probably heard by now that video is the hot trend for digital marketing in 2016, coming off an equally trendy 2015. Google has gone as far as experimenting with sponsored video ads in search results, something to send SEO-nerds into a frenzy. Now, a logical person may be wondering: if sharing videos on social media is the hot trend, and social media advertising is experiencing vast levels of clutter, won’t producing videos and sharing them just be a more expensive way of contributing to the clutter? Yes, and no. There’s a pro to every con, like the fact that Facebook’s posting algorithm favors video, especially those posted natively. But what if I told you there’s a place for credit unions to post videos with limited clutter, vast growth potential, and a built-in daily audience? It’s a little video hosting site that’s been around for 11 years. It’s name? YouTube.

The idea of “going viral” has been used and abused for years. So much so, I think many marketers have stopped considering it a reality or strategy, and moved it to a mental purgatory also inhabited by email chain letters and door-to-door sales pitches. And rightfully so, there’s nothing more painful than a duplicitously “candid” attempt at viral stardom. That said, allow me to share a discovery I made during some research of the competition.

After reading numerous articles on the importance of video, I took a trip over to YouTube to see what success credit unions have had garnering views. The results:

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Disappointing, yes, but much more so, exciting. Many of these videos were in the style of traditional advertising, which accounts for their low view count. Others that took a more innovative, outside-the-box approach suffered from being poorly produced, or for some (I can only guess), poorly marketed. Even T-Swizzle failed to garner adequate attention! There’s plenty of room for a credit union with gall to take hold of the digital arena by partnering with an equally inventive ad agency.

Enter The Pod Advertising. We’ve already won an Emmy for our short film work, and we’re excited to take that creative energy to new bounds and directions. Contact us today, and let’s Bloom Creative together!