Intern Send Off: 5 Things I Learned @ The Pod

Intern Send Off: 5 Things I Learned @ The Pod

Ah, the intern. A job as old as time, while many stereotypes lie within fetching coffee, collecting papers, and doing everything no one else wants to do… none of that happened with the team at The Pod Advertising. I was given the opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute on a number of extraordinary projects throughout my internship. While I am sadly leaving due to graduation, I wanted to share five things I have learned within my time here at The Pod that I think anyone, regardless of age or career can use in their life.

  1. Ask Questions. I know this may seem like common knowledge, but even I was afraid to come off as unintelligent because I didn’t know certain things. Spoiler alert: no one knows everything, and I mean no one. The only way to get better is to ask questions and learn. By doing so not only will you improve, but your work will improve resulting in better projects for your team and clients. I would challenge anyone to ask at least one question a day, it could simply be an ice breaker, and from this you will become more comfortable with the idea of simply asking questions instead of staying silent.
  2. Collaborate. It is a buzzword in any business right now, but collaboration is key. If you collaborate and accept feedback from all team members, you will be getting a variety of feedback and contributions to a project could go from good to great. Everyone comes from a different background and brings a diverse perspective to the drawing board. Utilize your internal resources and collaborate as much as possible.
  3. Make Mistakes. This is especially geared towards interns, it is OK to make mistakes. I was horrified the first time my work was corrected by my boss, I thought, “Omg, I am awful, look at all the RED!” When in reality, not only are mistakes OK, they are expected of you. The most important thing you can do is learn. Learn from your mistakes, and work to improve future projects. No one is ever going to be perfect, but mistakes mean you are trying and working to improve day in and day out.
  4. Make Connections. I am a firm believer in making deep connections with those around you. The Pod Advertising is more than a workplace it is a family. I highly recommend getting to know your co-workers and asking them questions beyond what lies within the workspace. By showing compassion and genuine care your peers will be more likely to help you because they don’t see you as a just co-worker, but also as a friend. Furthermore, if you are an intern this is crucial because you are just building your network. The great Maya Angelou once said, “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” So while it is important to make sure you are giving 110% in your work, it is just as important to make connections with those around you as well.
  5. Have Fun. Again, this one may seem simple but it is true. There are ways to make even the longest Excel sheet enjoyable. Celebrate with a dance party. Bring the office doughnuts. Send some memes to the Google Chat. Simple things like this can remind the team members that while there is always work to be done, there is always time to be silly and enjoy the fact that you work at a place that sees you as human and appreciates your hard work. Everyone wants to work at a place where they feel comfortable, and appreciated.

With that being said, I will miss you dearly Pod. Thank you for the endless memories, laughs, free coffee, lunches, and lessons which I will take with me every step of the way in my life. I truly had the best internship a girl could ask for, and I hope you all love your job or internship half as much as I loved mine.

*Mic Drop*

Nat Pod Out!