Once a Pea, Always a Pea

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Once a Pea, Always a Pea


If you find yourself at 124 Marriot Drive, walk down the hallway, and though two big glass double doors, you’ll find yourself at The Pod (not to be confused with the Internal Revenue Service*).  

This summer, after frantically sending my resume to every advertising agency in Florida, I was lucky enough to land an internship with The Pod. I had initially wanted a copywriting internship, but accepted a graphic design position at the agency. I walked in my first day terrified. I’m not an artist. The most I had done with graphic design was Photo shopping my face on to other people’s bodies. (If anyone reading this has a need for that service, please feel free to contact me).

I watched the other graphic design intern do some amazing work with Photoshop and talked to our supervisor about designing a logo and I immediately felt intimidated. It’s easy to psych yourself out during your internship especially when, you’re surrounded by people like my supervisor, who could create in 20 minutes, something that would take me 17 years.  As it turned out, my supervisor, Melissa was extremely helpful and patient with teaching me how to manipulate Photoshop and Illustrator, and the other intern was just as confused as I was.

Throughout the course of my internship I learned more about Illustrator and Photoshop than I could’ve ever imagined. I surprised myself with what I was able to create, was encouraged to explore different areas besides graphic design, and was challenged in the best way possible by everyone that worked at the agency. I wasn’t glued to a desk all day, instead I was asked to help in filming commercials, my ideas were frequently used, and I made friends with the opportunity of working in a co-working office. In addition to the amazing learning experience that The Pod gave me, I had a lot of fun working there. Despite my microwave mishap causing the office to smell like burnt popcorn for an entire day and the annoying throwback songs I snuck on to the office playlist, I hope that I was able to contribute to an incredible agency that does remarkable work.


One of Annmarie's creations for our Summer Podbuster Series

*That one day where 3 people came in and asked if The Pod was the IRS