PEAce out, Pod Family!

PEAce out, Pod Family!


My time at The Pod Advertising has truly been such a fun and educational experience for me.

I started at The Pod as a young pea intern with only small business marketing experience. I had just gotten accepted into the advertising program at Florida State University and the field seemed very intimidating to me. I was afraid that I would show up and nothing I said would be right! But The Pod welcomed me with open arms, taught me the ups and downs, and helped me push my ideas further.

The Pod is the perfect place for interns to grow into young professionals and even part timers! Here is a list of some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned that I will take with me wherever I go!

The Pod Group Picture


Always ask questions!

During your first couple of weeks as an intern you are going to get a lot of jargon and industry terms thrown at you and it’s okay that you don’t know them yet. But make sure you ask so you don’t get lost in the meetings! Ask questions about the process, the clients, and take advantage of the fact that you are surrounded by industry professionals and ask them questions too! You are here to learn and you better take advantage of it!

Contribute as much as you can to group discussion.

Even if your ideas aren’t perfect, it’s important to engage in the process and learn how to toss ideas back and forth. This will also help you find your voice! Everyone tossing out ideas at once can be overwhelming, but you have to speak!

Take notes!

This might not be a class at school, but taking notes is vital! Write down your ideas, other’s ideas, make to-do lists, etc. This will come in handy on the job and in the future you might even be able to say “Hey! I think I learned about that at The Pod! Let me check my notebook.”

Showcase all of your talents!

You may have been hired to do one thing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything else! Offer to do all that you can and always be open to learn. Someone needs help editing pictures? You can do that! We need a press release this week? You did that in class once, offer to do it! We need to encrypt some software onto a USB drive? Well maybe you’ve never done that before but ask to learn and do it anyways!


I am so thankful for having been a pea in The Pod family and I will take these lessons and friendships throughout my future adventures!


pod at lunch

-Nikki Méndez aka Chickpea