Pea Gif(t)s

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Pea Gif(t)s

Over the summer, we were given the task of creating more dynamic team photos for the “Meet the Peas” page on our website. We wanted something that showed our team’s creative and quirky PEAsonality, but still stayed true to The Pod’s branding.

We started by gathering inspiration – looking at other websites, reviewing our brand identity, and seeing what was already out there. After about a week of brainstorming, we reached our final idea, which also happened to be the first idea that we came up with. We decided that creating gifs was our greatest opportunity to showcase the wonderful personalities at The Pod in a creatively dynamic way. But we had no idea how to create gifs – cue in the testing phase!

We spent the next week or so just running test shots to see what worked and what didn’t. After realizing that still frames over-complicated the process, we decided to record a short 30 second video and create a gif out of that instead. We learned that you can create a stop-motion effect with some numbers and the click of a button, and how to "colorsplash" the pea using the roto-brush tool (shout-out to our VP of Production, Kris, for being so patient, and teaching us the ways). Once we figured out the process, we just had to schedule photo-shoots for everyone in the office.

No Peas were harmed in the making of these gifs.  However, one mug didn't make it.  RIPea green mug.

This was our favorite project of the summer because it taught us a new skill, and more importantly showed us the process and work that goes behind producing dynamic content. Taking the personality shots of everyone was probably our favorite part. Not only were we learning new skills, but we had the opportunity to get to know and bond with the Peas at The Pod.

Overall, we are very proud of what we were able to accomplish – a gif that showed “Peasonality”! Unfortunately, we didn’t think about the feasibility of this project as the agency continues to grow, and we were unable to use it for our website. So we decided to share our gif(t)s with you this holiday season instead – enjoy!

Annemarie Animated GIF


Brandon Animated GIF


Brian Animated GIF


Jeremy Animated GIF


Jessica Animated GIF


Kristin Animated GIF


Lori Animated GIF


Marin Animated GIF


Nathalie Animated GIF


Tiffany Animated GIF


Sam Animated GIF

Fearless Podmother, Sam