Somewhere Over The Marketing Rainbow

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Somewhere Over The Marketing Rainbow

Color me blue! or red! or pink! or green! We humans like to think that we’re pretty advanced. We can fly through the sky. We have websites where people can become friends without ever meeting. We even have this (it’s a dog leash/umbrella hybrid; the future is here!). However, despite all of our technological advances, humans are still pretty instinctual creatures, with impulsive responses to a variety of things. For example, certain colors spark signals and associations in our brains. These responses can be very useful from a marketing standpoint; in this case, following the rainbow can actually lead to a pot of gold! Let’s take a look at what different colors mean to people.

Somewhere Over The Marketing Rainbow: Red


The use of red creates energy and excitement. It’s bold, it stands out and draws attention, and suggests a slight promise of adventure. Red creates a sense of urgency that can be useful for limited time promotions.

Somewhere Over The Marketing Rainbow: Orange


Orange is associated with warmth and confidence. The use of orange is rarely ever threatening. It creates a friendly, and somewhat quirky vibe. Orange is also a bold color, and generates a call-to-action similar to red.

Somewhere Over The Marketing Rainbow: Yellow


Energetic, optimistic, and attention-grabbing are the calling cards of the color yellow. The brightness of the color also projects a sense of clarity, and that clarity leads to trust.

Somewhere Over The Marketing Rainbow: Green


Green is the color of peace and growth, thanks to its association with the workings of Mother Nature. It imposes an aura of calm and tranquility, putting the consumer at ease. It feels natural to the consumer, and works well when associated with health.

Somewhere Over The Marketing Rainbow: Blue


Blue also creates a sense of calm, like the calm of the massive ocean. It also implies strength, like the strength of the same ocean’s waves, and trust, like the safe blue of a cop’s uniform. The use of blue puts consumers at ease through its sense of dependability.

Somewhere Over The Marketing Rainbow: Purple


Purple is kind of a funky color. When people see purple, they immediately associate it with creativity and imagination. Purple is bold like red, but deep like blue, and this combination creates an atmosphere of wisdom.

Somewhere Over The Marketing Rainbow: Grey


Grey creates a neutral, calming atmosphere. People trust grey, because grey is straight-forward and predictable, the color of unbending steel. It also adds a modern edge as it shares its hue with many man-made technological advancements.

Somewhere Over The Marketing Rainbow: Black


Bold, sleek, and direct, black is perhaps the most powerful color. Many luxury brands make use of black for its sense of dominance and credibility. Black is also a very professional color.

So there you have it, the marketing rainbow! What colors best suit your brand? Maybe it’s all of them! Companies like Google have made use of the rainbow to create a powerful dichotomy of unity and diversity.