Summer Seasoning

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Summer Seasoning

The right amount of seasoning adds flavor and depth to your campaigns, and we’re not talking basil or rosemary- this seasoning is all about timing (not thyme). By adapting your marketing initiatives to current seasonal shifts, you can mirror the predictable changes in human experience, adding a layer of relativity to your message.


Let’s set the stage for the current season.

It’s summer, or near enough. The temperature? Hot. The weather? Sunny. The feeling? Sweaty. The soundtrack? Beachy. The pastime? Cooling off.

There are plenty of ways to use these seasonal aspects to your advantage, but it’s important to distinguish yourself. Everyone will have BBQ-themed Memorial Day promotions, Patriotic shout-outs on the 4th, and back-to-school specials in August. Show your members you’re willing to go the extra mile to adapt to their summer experience.

Instead of beach-themed promotions, why not host a day at the beach for your members?

If you don’t live in a coastal area, check out your local lakes, partner with a public pool, or better yet, build a beach! Just be weary of the sun. Passing out water bottles and sunscreen will keep your members protected, and let them know you care about their well-being.

If the beach won’t work out, there are other ways to go against the tide (ha). The ol’ ironic “Christmas in July” event is solid, but often just as cliched as other summer promotions. Try mixing it up. How many of your members' children would be thrilled to go trick-or-treating in June?

In addition to larger events and promotions, attention to detail will always be appreciated. The cool AC of your branch will get your members out of the sultry summer air, but it can also suck the positive energy out of a summer day. Combat this by playing The Beach Boys/the sound of ocean waves, offer free lemonade to your members on their way out, or pass out free shades with your logo on them for a promotion/protection double play.

The possibilities are endless. For more ideas on capturing the essence of summer, contact The Pod Advertising for Blooming Creative solutions. Let’s beat the heat together!