Superbowl on a Budget: 3 Ways to Tackle a $5 Million Problem

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Superbowl on a Budget: 3 Ways to Tackle a $5 Million Problem

Last year, we posted about tactics to take advantage of the digital momentum surrounding the Superbowl. Now, we’re sure a lot of you are completely comfortable paying the old 2015 price of $4 million for a 30-second spot, but $5 million? That’s a little pricey. Nonetheless, this is Superbowl 50 we’re talking about-- potentially the most watched event in television history. The opportunity to contribute to the social media extravaganza is too great to miss out on. The perfectly placed tweet can take you farther than Peyton Manning will throw all game, although that’s not saying much. If you’re not the tweeting type, there are other ways to take advantage of what is basically a national holiday.

Tweet to the Top

There’s no question that Twitter is the most poppin’ social media venue during the game, due to its real-time reactions and highly visible communication ability. Live tweeting and responding to big plays and commercials is a surefire way to enter your brand into the night’s conversation. That said, due to the past success of social savvy brands like Oreo (a reference to Super Bowl XLVII’s blackout), many marketers will try to get in on the party. The key is to differentiate your content from the competition, even if you have to get weird with it. Check out J.C. Penney’s typo-filled tweets during the Superbowl two years ago-- the errors drew attention, responses from other brands, and praise when J.C. Penney revealed they were “#TweetingWithMittens” to support USA’s bid in the 2014 Sochi games.


Host a Community Party

Hosting a Superbowl party won’t elevate your brand to the eyes of millions, unless you invest about the same amount it would cost to get an ad in the first place. What it will do is demonstrate immense value to your local community, and create lasting memories and positive associations with your brand. Not everyone is interested in adult parties or sports bars, so hosting a family-friendly option will endear your brand to potential and current customers. To bring this idea into 2016, try holding fun contests such as “Dab like Cam,” or “Peyton Manning Walker Races” and post them on social media!


Real-time Promotions

We included this one last year, and we’re including it again because it’s such a good opportunity to get creative with consumer engagement. Let people know you’ll be doing mini-contest giveaways during the game and reap the benefits as people share their entries on your social pages. Offer free pizza to whoever can guess the halftime score before the first quarter ends, or offer bigger prizes for more specific entries like “How many times will Cam “Superman” Newton shatter the defense’s ego with a TD run?” or “Which geriatric care facility will Peyton retire to after the game?” (I know, you get it, he’s old).

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We hope to see a lot of clever promotions come February 7th! If you need help brainstorming, the blooming creative solutions of The Pod Advertising are just a call away.