'Tis The Season In Credit Union Land!

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'Tis The Season In Credit Union Land!

'Twas the end of the financial year, when throughout credit unions

A need for creative branding and marketing was blooming,

The billboards were hung by major roads with care,

In hopes that customers soon would be there,

The big banks are nestled all snug with the feds;

But the smartest consumers bank with their heads,

Some say banking is boring, but that’s not a fact

If the Pod’s marketing for you, then your brand will attract,

Our distinctive branding will break through the clatter,

Good work for good people, we know what matters.

Social media content can be created in a flash,

To get all the millennials bringing you their cash.

Our videography is as beautiful as new-fallen snow,

Our creative edge allows your CU to grow,

Request anything, and to your wandering eyes it will appear,

Whether it’s funny or complex, rich or austere,

With a team full of Peas so lively and quick,

You’ll know in a moment our talent’s stacked thick.

More rapid than eagles, we put other agencies to shame,

We’re a friendly company, you’ll learn all of our names:

"Now, Sam! Now, Brian! Now Deirdre and Kristin!

On, Melissa! On, Lori! On, Jeremy and Alan!

We’ll shape up your site! Update your Facebook wall!

We’ll design away! Brand away! We do it all!"

If you’re wondering how far your credit union can fly,

Check out our content, we’ve won an Emmy- no lie;

We can take plain websites and make them look cool

We can redesign your branch, get ya a mobile app too—

When it comes to creativity, we raise the roof

This redesigned rhyme should provide some proof.

We know we’re not the only agency around,

But our skills and ethics put us ahead by leaps and bounds.

We can redesign your whole look, from head to foot,

Until the competition looks all tarnished with ashes and soot;

Shift your marketing burden onto our backs,

We think you’ll be pleased at the punch that our work packs.

Our websites—how they twinkle! Our media, how merry!

Want something pretty like roses, or sweet like a cherry?

Our droll little company was drawn up not long ago,

And we’ve already risen above the work produced by our foes.

The Pod employs only the best Peas,

We’ll always keep you in the loop like a wreath;

Whether you want ads on the web, the radio, or the telly

We’re vibrant and flexible, like a bowl full of jelly.

Good communications keeps things jolly and well,

Which is why you can directly call our CEO’s cell,

So look with your eyes and think with your head

You’ll soon realize you have nothing to dread,

Just give us the word, we’ll go straight to our work,

And keep you constantly updated, no more dealing with jerks,

58% of Facebook users have *liked* a brand

So enlist our services to turn your customers into fans

When you’re ready for our team, just give us a whistle,

Or shoot us an email, we’ll reply fast as a missile.

And if you don’t believe our claims, check out our website

“Happy Marketing to all, and to all a good night!”