Top 5 Millennial Marketing Myths

Top 5 Millennial Marketing Myths

1. Millennials are all the same

Wrong! Millennials are actually a very diverse group of people ranging in ages from 22 to 39. (Check out our previous blog) The oldest for millennials remember a childhood without the internet and the youngest got their first cell phones when they were ten years old. The speed of technological advancement has created large fundamental differences between young and old millennials. Understanding their differences is vital in connecting with each and every one of them. Defining your target market is step one, and if you don’t know who your target market is… what are you even doing?

2. Millennials are lazy

Not so much… Of course there are going to be lazy people in every generation no matter what, but this generation lives by the motto "work smarter - not harder." They hate inefficiency and bureaucracy and they are constantly looking for

a way to do more in less time. They want to learn, improve, and embrace opportunities for themselves. Brands can connect by developing products that help and assist them with their daily lives. Brands need to remain one step ahead of the technology curve so millennials can have new and innovative ways to improve their day-to-day lives.

3. Millennials are not loyal

Half wrong. Millennials are loyal to ideas and people moreso than loyal to brands or products. With the evolution of the internet, everyone has instant access to hundreds of global brands and millions of options. Millennials grew up surrounded by constant advertising clutter, so brands must do a better job of building personalized experiences, facilitate engagement across all channels including in-store, online, social, and mobile, and provide relevant loyalty rewards. With cheaper options around every corner, brands have to do better with connecting personally with millennials.

4. Millennials are selfish

Not really. Millennials are actually more interested in seeing brands who take part in corporate social responsibility. According to a 2017 Millennial Impact Report, millennials care most about civil rights, health, and the environment. When companies put an emphasis on transparency and good deeds aside from their products, they’re more likely to catch millennial attention. But it has to be authentic! Don’t just capitalize on tragedy after the fact, be proactive! Millennials are very skeptical and social media has created a platform of instant information and exposure to all kinds of issues… including possible issues surrounding your brand. If you’re doing something bad, the whole world can find out in an instant.

5. Millennials are killing the ____ industry!

Not exactly. Product industries and the companies within them need to be willing and able to innovate and move forward with advancing technology and changing opinions. Businesses should remain proactive with industry and social advancements. Millennials are the largest generation thus far and definitely make up a significant portion of the population, therefore, what they want usually goes. Although, many outdated products have gone under simply because a company could not keep up with our evolving environment. The world has had more technological advancements in the past 30 years than the entire history of civilization, so if you’re not ready to grow along with it...