Twitter Hall of Shame

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Twitter Hall of Shame

Graceful, eloquent and respectable – these words make us think of upstanding organizations that have worked hard to make their name great, and stand for something great. In other words, these words are representative of everything that the corporate giants on Twitter are... not always good at. We’re excited to induct several organizations who have attempted (and failed) to use Twitter as the strong social media tool it is into a Twitter Hall of Shame. We only have a few coveted spots available, so we’ve made sure to find the absolute best of the worst to appreciate and learn from.  Some of these might be dated, so if you’d like to nominate more please share in the comments below!

Can’t ‘Handle’ It

Our first inductee is none other than Denny’s All-Nighter – simply because Denny’s could not even tell their customers how to properly locate their Twitter feed. On the back of the establishment’s menu, the handle for their Twitter feed was listed under contact information. This would have been a great way for Denny’s to reach out to customers. “Just follow @dennys! Yay, social media,” right? Unfortunately, the handle provided doesn’t belong to Denny’s All-Nighter, but rather a Taiwanese man named Denny who gained a whole lot of followers. Sounds like Denny’s All-Nighter needs to close for a few hours and get some sleep to avoid future blunders.

Dennys-Twitter Hall of Shame

“Look at me, I’m Sandra-whoopsies!”

There is a special spot for the Insensitive Tweeter of the Year in this Hall of Shame, but it’s hard to look past all of the companies that deemed it appropriate to use Hurricane Sandy as a promotional opportunity. Inductees include President’s Choice, Gap and, of course, the already off-color Urban Outfitters.

President's Choice-Twitter Hall of Shame
Gap-Twitter Hall of Shame
Urban Outfitters - Twitter Hall of Shame

The only thing that ‘blows’ here is how horrible these failed attempts at a cleverly executed tweet are. Sorry – we can’t all be Oreo.

It should also be quickly noted that Twitter did help disseminate information during the storm--it’s not all bad out there!

Oreo - Twitter Hall of Shame

“Oh, $*^&!”
We’ve seen typos. We’ve seen inconsiderate timing. However, the king of all Twitter fails has to be #ThatAwkwardMomentWhen a social media manager tweets a personal tweet from the account they manage. You know as soon as this unfortunate soul hit send, it was an instant face-to-palm moment. 

Red Cross - Twitter Hall of Shame

We can’t imagine how bad the hangover from this blunder was. We’re also willing to bet his employment with the American Red Cross was promptly, “#slizzered.” 

Please, let our Hall of Shame serve as a constant reminder to think before you tweet. Worried about taking on the endeavor of managing social media by yourself? Give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you avoid negative induction into social media fame and get you all of the positive attention you deserve.