We Wanna CUr New Year's Resolutions

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We Wanna CUr New Year's Resolutions

The New Year is approaching, and across the world people are promising themselves they’ll join a gym, eat healthier, learn a new language, and a variety of other common resolutions. Unfortunately, only about 12% will end up keeping those resolutions, but you can’t win every battle. In the business world, companies are also preparing for 2015 with their own objectives. What are your credit union’s goals to ensure success in the new year? If you’re drawing a blank, here are some resolutions your CU can make to stay on the right track in 2015. Here’s to hoping you’re more successful than the other 88%!


In 2015, my credit union resolves to stay on top of mobile banking.


Apple Pay isn’t going anywhere, nor is Google Wallet or any comparable service. Fortunately these companies have made it easy for your CU to get on board, and CUs recently beat out traditional banks in the mobile banking arena. Make sure you stay on top of this developing trend to increase convenience for your members and remain technologically relevant.


In 2015, my credit union resolves to use technology to improve member experience.

Every year, technology improves, and every year our lives get more convenient. How can your CU take advantage of technological changes? It can happen in any realm of operation: adding layered security to prevent cybercrime, creating a video-enabled call center to improve face-to-face customer service, introducing intelligent ATMs that can cash and deposit checks, or even updating your core processor to improve speed and efficiency.


In 2015, my credit union resolves to embrace innovative marketing strategies.

For some demographics, traditional media is the most effective form of advertising, but why not experiment to bring in more customers? Digital advertising is the future, and a combination of social media initiatives, guerrilla marketing, and digital storytelling can separate your CU from the stodgy stigma that often surrounds financial institutions. Hint: The Pod Advertising offers blooming creative solutions to any marketing challenge!

Best of luck in growing and evolving your credit union in 2015, and Happy New Year!