What I learned in Boating school is…

What I learned in Boating school is…

what i learned in boating school

I have had just as much trouble writing this internship reflection as Spongebob did writing his report on what he learned in Mrs. Puff’s boating class because, just like him, I had no clue where to start.   It was not for a lack of inspiration though. I have learned a great deal in the time that I have spent at The Pod. It is almost impossible to sum up my two semesters in one blog post, but I tried my best.

The very first day I was presented with a project to edit a promotional trailer for the Tallahassee Animation Festival.  I was not expecting to be thrown right in, but Kris was there the entire time, always eager to offer assistance and provide feedback in an easy to understand, educational way.  The one-on-one teaching that took place was invaluable and everything took off from there. I set up for video and photo shoots, filmed behind the scenes to show the process, and spent a large amount of time editing videos for clients among many other things.  With each video I finished, my portfolio grew more and more. Now I have the ability to show my future employers exactly what I have accomplished and what I could potentially accomplish for them too.


FAF 30s General Info Trailer from The Pod on Vimeo.

The most important lessons I have learned were not actually hard skills, but the fact that I feel more confident for the future and am more open to what it may hold. I always thought I wanted to work for a big company where I am one of many.  However, after a few months of The Pod being a part of my life, I noticed the unique characteristics being a part of a smaller agency can provide. Everyone knew each other and would jump in on a project to help in an instant. They were involved with each other’s lives and milestones such as having a baby were celebrated as if the company itself gained a new member into their family.

Before my internship, I  toured The Pod with a club from Florida State University, and I actually just came across two pieces of advice I wrote down from the experience. They are perfect examples of how The Pod is always striving to be the best it can be.

It is important to know your weaknesses in order to know when to bring in other people who have your weaknesses as strengths.

Every Pod member was so different from each other with a wide range of knowledge, skills, and experiences.  This diversity was how brainstorming sessions resulted in brilliant ideas the majority of the time.

Find a place you have a voice.

The Pod was that place for me.  I knew that my opinions and ideas were wanted and taken seriously every time.  I was not just an intern, but truly part of the team.

The very last project I worked on came full circle, as it was another promotional trailer for the Florida Animation Festival.  It was the perfect way to wrap up my internship and assess how my skills have developed.


FAF 2019 Trailer! from The Pod on Vimeo.

My time with The Pod flew by in a flash, but I will remember every second of it.  Thanks to everyone I worked with for being so wonderful and making it so hard to leave. This may be goodbye, but it is definitely not the end.

Maegan Stepp