What Marketers Can Take Away from this Year's Super Bowl Ads

What Marketers Can Take Away from this Year's Super Bowl Ads

The Super Bowl, every football fan’s favorite night of the year. The best of the best competing for the big title, to be remembered, to have the spotlight for the year to come, to have all their hard work paid off in one moment… in one commercial!

Wait, did you think we were talking about the teams playing the actual game? Nope, we are talking about the ads in between. As a marketer it is every company’s dream to have a Super Bowl ad. Here is what we took away from a few of our favorite ads that you can make sure to implement-- and not implement-- in your next marketing campaign.  

Tide: It’s A Tide Ad

This ad was utter and pure creative genius. The ad’s motto was saying everything was… a Tide ad. This ad combined Tide with other brands that Procter and Gamble do use, but also so many other shots that are outside of their brand. For example: a car advertisement, a perfume advertisement, and an insurance advertisement. Also, fun fact: Every piece of clothing used in each “fake ad” was indeed, washed with Tide. What any marketer can take away from this ad is to know your target market and find a way to get them engaged as much as possible. The whole campaign sprung from the idea that because Tide is such an icon and so many people use it, the people around you wearing clean clothes are essentially a Tide ad. The audience becomes aware that every commercial had the potential to be a Tide ad. Lastly, get creative and ponder what your brand has the possibility to do or be. Make sure your team thinks big, but knows the limit, and the results will be extraordinary.


The Blackout: Local Markets, Big Loss

The New England Patriots weren’t the only ones who lost during the Super Bowl last night. For 30 seconds during the second quarter there was an equipment error that resulted in a blackout during commercial time that was supposed to be dedicated to local markets. What we can learn from this is to always prepare for the worst, because it could happen. However, this is why it is so important to have a Plan B so you aren’t scrambling the next day. Due to that mistake, the local markets may be able to work out a deal with the broadcast network to have some form of free exposure in the future.

Amazon's Alexa: A Laugh Always Works

This year Amazon created an entire campaign saying Alexa lost her voice, even programming some real life Alexas to lose their voices if you asked her a question before the game. The ad featured celebrities like Cardi B, Gordon Ramsay, and Rebel Wilson. The ad is overall hilarious and by using celebrities that millennials love, the ad will be sure to get shared on all forms of social sites after it aired. From this we can learn that at the end of the day people love a good laugh, especially in today’s day and age. By sticking to a humorous theme, you are guaranteed to satisfy an audience of any age and even add some shares on social sites to make sure more friends can get a good laugh too!


Dodge RAM: Civil Rights and Trucks?

Dodge RAM released an ad for their new truck with a voiceover of one of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speeches, centered around the idea that just like MLK, truck owners also believe in a life of serving others. However, each shot included a different person and in a completely different setting, and then the truck was shown in the middle of the ad, making it difficult to find an underlying and clear message. Does driving a RAM make you a good person? Does RAM work to give back to the community? What every marketer can learn from this is be consistent in your message and know your brand. With past commercial ads of RAMs having taglines such as “Proud Country Boy,” taking a civil rights approach was a big jump for the brand. It is better to be consistent in your messaging and appeal to your audience, than try to appeal to the masses and lose the message as a whole.